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Did AGI Play A Role in the OpenAi Drama?

Two AI robots with a human referee between them

Reports have been hinting that the cause of the recent shakeup and drama at OpenAi with the ouster of CEO, Sam Altman, have been due to disagreements over the pace of AI product launches between executives and directors, fueling speculation about OpenAi’s artificial general intelligence (AGI) development progress.

Advancements in AI getting close to AGI could prompt concerns about safety, transparency, and societal impact, especially given OpenAI’s shift to a for-profit model in 2019.

Regardless, whether AGI played a role in Altman's departure or not, the tech community should be proactively prepared to address challenges raised by advances in technology such as AGI transparently on a broader basis to avoid situations like now where OpenAi seems to be falling apart and a majority of its employees quitting or threatening to quit.


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