DOJ Files Suit Against Google

The DOJ has just filed suit against Google alleging multiple violations of antitrust laws. While the DOJ has not explicitly asked for Google to be broken up, it has asked the judge to consider "structural relief" which can include the business being broken up. This case will be hard fought by Google and its outcome will have far-reaching implications for the tech industry. Additionally, its interesting to note that the complaint alleges that Apple receives up to 20% of its global net income from its deal with Google making Google the default search engine on Apple devices. Contact:

The Importance of Contract Reviews

The Importance of Contract Reviews -Have you ever been surprised by a contract term after you have signed? I have regularly seen founders and business owners surprised by the terms of contracts already signed and entered into. For example, I recently helped a startup who had signed a contract where it did not have the ability to terminate that it needed. We resolved the situation with the opposing party, but it took more time and effort and cost more than if the contract had been reviewed and properly negotiated before the parties had entered into the deal. As a founder or business owner, it is important to get your contracts reviewed up front to avoid agreeing to non-standard terms and unex

Google v. Oracle - Supreme Court

Today the Supreme Court is hearing oral argument in Google v. Oracle which concerns issues surrounding the interplay of software code and copyright law. The dispute has gone through multiple trials and appeals over the course of 10 years to reach this stage. The particular issues at hand here are: (1) whether Java APIs are copyrightable resulting in copyright infringement by Google reuse of them in Android; and (2) if they are copyrightable, was Google's reimplementation of the APIs in Android fair use. The outcome of this case will have significant effects on the use of open-source software and the software industry in general moving forward. Contact:

Bad Ideas For Your Business

I have seen many crazy lengths that entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners have gone to avoid hiring legal counsel. It always leads to a mess that takes more time and costs more money to resolve. As one example, I have even seen founders and business owners try to get advice from the opposing party's lawyer in deals (which of course later go wrong and I have had to help address) and have had opposing party's in transactions try to get advice from me. This is truly bizarre behavior which is against the founder's/business owner's own self-interest - an attorney for the other party in a deal does NOT represent you, does NOT have your interests in mind, and CANNOT advise you - YOU NEED IND


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