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Use of AI in Profiling

One of the current gaps around AI laws and regulation is use of AI for making important decisions that affect people’s lives such as employment, housing, financial, insurance, healthcare, and criminal justice decisions.

For example, use of AI to make decisions about whether or not someone should be interviewed or employed or terminated has a direct effect on people’s livelihoods.

Similarly, use of AI to make decisions about for example denying or providing insurance coverage has a direct effect on people’s access to healthcare and use of AI for sentencing has a direct effect on people’s freedom.

Right now, there is lack of clear regulation around the use of AI in sensitive areas like this which creates ethical and legal issues and complications.

Given these issues and the lack of action on the federal level, some states are starting to explore incorporating as part of their data privacy frameworks laws around use of AI for profiling to start to address some of these issues by setting parameters and restrictions around such use.

What are your thoughts around this? Should we have regulation around profiling people with use of AI algorithms?

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