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Make Clear Corporate Records A Priority

Countless times I have spoken to a client when a dispute has arisen and asked them where is your #contract?

Especially with first time #founders and #business owners, it is not uncommon to get a response of "I don't have a written contract," "It was never signed," or "I don't know."

Neither of these are good responses and they all create unnecessary complications in the dispute that has arisen.

As a founder/business owner, prioritize the following:

(1) Get professional legal help to create well-drafted and tailored #agreements for your use with all parties you transact business with whether they be clients, vendors, consultants, employees, or strategic partners.

(2) Make sure you use those agreements in your deals.

(3) Make sure both you and the opposing party sign the agreement before the business relationship starts.

(4) Put in place a #contractmanagement system to keep track of those signed agreements.

Watch the video for more information.


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