The Dark Side of Artificial Intelligence

Stanford researchers claim that they have developed a machine learning system that can determine sexuality from just a photo. Regardless of the accuracy of such systems, questions arise regarding the unlawful discrimination that will likely result from use of such technology. Moreover, the question of how the AI is trained comes into play as biases inherent in the data are being fed into the AI.

Election 2008: Sexism Edition - The Problem of Sex Stereotyping

Ms. Salehpour has authored an article published in the UCLA Women’s Law Journal titled “Election 2008: Sexism Edition – The Problem of Sex Stereotyping.” Using the lens of employment discrimination, she explored sexism during the election process, in particular through media coverage of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, concluding that although the offices of president and vice president are an unregulated workplace, the rampant sex stereotyping in races for those offices would be violative of the spirit of Title VII. Her work has since been cited insix separate articles by law professors exploring similar issues.


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